spirit flight unlike any other


my journal notes continued (sept. 1, 2014):

you’re not ever going to be able to do everything perfectly.  learn to live from grace to grace.  realize: everyone makes mistakes and does stupid things (even if you never see them do it).

sometimes we are so facing our tasks/trials, that we cannot see anything other than those.  yet, others can see our situation in another viewpoint, and because they are not in our present place (nor are they us), then perhaps we  would do well to listen to their perspective, it may not be the exact thing that will aid us, but it will enable us to consider more creative views.

sometimes we just need to take a break away from facing those things (do something else for a while). sometimes we just need to step back and be more objective, because, sometimes our subjective and habitual patterns of handling life is what is holding us back from overcoming.

everyone may not be for you, but at the same time, not everyone is against you either.  whose side are you on?  be on your own side. be for you - not against yourself. (spiritflier)

my journal notes (September 1, 2014):

revive past successes. “what worked for me in the past?”

keep in mind that everyday is a day to do some kind of physical activity (exercise).

get a plan. focus. if you do not have a block of time to work on your goals then break them down into manageable sections.

do some work/do some exercise.  blending your goals throughout the day so you can make progress to meet your goals as you go through your day.

it is doable.  you have done this before. you can do it again.

everything often seems formidable (imposing serious difficulties), but you can never progress if you never begin. (spiritflier)

my journal notes (August 30, 2014):

Reality Check

you are not happy with yourself or your life.  It is possible to change, but it will not happen without your determined efforts.  you need a plan of action and you must stick with it!

grow in grace.

you make progress when you give yourself grace rather than judgments for your failures. (spiritflier)


living in the land of turmoil, treachery, trials.  are you battle-ready?  do you know your Leader? have you spent time with Him? in His Word? are you equipped building up your spirit?

"delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you…"


journal notes (August 17, 2014):

moments are just that, momentary, here and then gone. 

many good moments in a period of time can go a long way toward a gathering of a happiness, or a sense of well-being, or even joy.

yet, we are not always having a succession of good moments in our days.  we can be further hindered from renewing our hope as we seem to only be continually facing further trials and the reality of neglected things we just cannot handle at this time. 

there is no shame in having to ask for help! or receiving help from someone who wants to help you (besides, you have done things for others at times).

just take one thing at a time. focus on something you are thankful for. you will see better days if you do not give up. (spiritflier)

my journal notes (August  7, 2014)

Ephesians 4:8 “therefore He says: ‘When He ascended on high, He led captivity captive, and gave gifts to men’”.

What a picture! Glorious LORD!

The enemy goes about chaining people and tethering them and leading them about to be mocked and to suffer abuses -publicly . he is proclaiming his “power” and seeking to show the LORD’S “impotence”,  YET,  When Jesus ascended on high:

HE took the chains from the enemy and enslaved the enemy with his own chains and led captivity captive! right there in Heaven where Lucifer sought to take over the Throne of the LORD - there is where Jesus put Lucifer in his place.  In doing this, Jesus proved the LORD’S POWER and the enemies impotence, as he is the one now chained and tethered for all to see.

Picture this:  you are chained, abused, hurting, suffering, being pushed and pulled and tortured.   Suddenly, Jesus shows up and commands all your tormentors to loose the chains from you.  Then He instructs you to put those very same chains on your tormentors! and then he goes on to give you gifts: freedom, love, grace mercy, compassion, healing (and more)!  And then HE leads captivity captive and thereby proclaims HIS LORDSHIP and GLORY and the enemy is shamed.

What a picture!  Can you picture that? (spiritflier)

from my personal journal (July 29, 2014):

In order to find results to problems, you must determine that there are things that you can do. Keep in mind that past failed attempts are in the past.  What that can teach you is that you can try again.  You have attempted many things before and have had successes.  One reason for a failed attempt could be that you didn’t have the belief that you could succeed this time.  The way can be rough and unforeseen - things do come up.  Perhaps you didn’t have enough information or resources.  Just don’t let yourself become bogged down in the past of your experiences.

Today is a new day.  Affirm to yourself - I am capable of doing things, many things, and some of these I do very well!  I believe I am able to learn new things.   I will choose to give myself grace in this endeavor. (spiritflier)

weareoversimplified asked:

If time, money, and current obligations were of no importance. What would you want to do and why?

I have no idea. I have always been an introvert. I do not like to do everything alone. I do not always want to go somewhere. I so can feel that I have been somewhere just by watching a movie. I have to feel motivated in order to do something. I do not often complete things I start. (spiritflier)


what is it about the neither here nor there of mists, fogs. you cannot catch on to the moment of what was the reality that you once knew? it’s “on the tip of your tongue” yet you cannot retrieve it at will. such is the darkness of night - things always truly familiar are now scantly recognizable. what  is up with that? and a road you viewed on the right side and know so well is all of a sudden unfamiliar  to you on the left side return trip… what… is.. up.. with.. that???

we learn things as we are impressed upon us to learn as vital to our survival, yet, we are subject to “I do not believe in my teacher” “my peer” “my siblings” “my family” “my neighborhood” “my community” “my state” “my country” “my whatever…”  when will we ever trust in our (spirit) inborne instincts? we sacrifice our true life to all the shittiness and opinions of society (of whatever society we are in at this moment!) WHY are we borne SUCH WILD CREATURES under THE AUTHORITY and we succumb to all of our lesser natures? is it our environment, as many say? is it due to our hardened “prove it to me” nature? is it to our personal hurts and pains?

everyone has their own personal opinion and they will have to account for whatever before THE GREAT ONE. (spiritflier)